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Mister Omar Chess Academy

Tournament Chess Pieces (2 options)

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Chess board not included

  • 32 CHESS PIECES - Perfect for Chess Games, Travel Chess, Chess Sets and All Sizes and Sorts of Chess Board Games. Chess Players Are Constantly Losing Pieces, Therefore This Collection of Chess Game Pieces is Perfect to Pick From or Purchase if You Are Using A Non Traditional Chess Board As In Furniture or Drawn Squares
  • 16 BLACK and 16 OFF WHITE CHESS PIECES Perfect Whether You Are Just A Beginner Chess Player or You Are A Seasoned Beth Harmon or Bobby Fischer Type. The Wooden Chess Board or Plastic Chess Board Is Not Included. This Offer is For Replacement Pieces
  • TOURNAMENT CHESS or AIRPLANE CHESS or Just Plain JAIL Chess. Going to Jail; Learn How To Play, There's Nothing Else To Do!
  • BEAUTIFUL WEIGHTED CHESS PIECES COME AS EITHER PLASTIC CHESS PIECES OR WOOD CHESS PIECES YOUR CHOICE. Our Wood is Finely Sanded, No Splinters Here. Quality Workmanship. The King is 7.5 CM roughly 3 Inches High Making it Perfect for Travel or Tournaments
  • PERFECT For All Types of Chess Sets or Any Chess Board Game Except a Magnetic Chess Set as There Are No Magnets in These!
  • OUR WOODEN CHESS PIECES Are Perfect For A Wooden Chess Set or Any Chess Set Wooden Whereas Our PLASTIC CHESS PIECES ARE PERFECT for Cardboard Chess Boards or Paper or A Plastic Chess Board