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Mister Omar Chess Academy

Hand Held Chess Tablet

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  • Unique Chess Set: Premium touch-screen handheld electronic chess and strategy games computer with large display and bright backlight for social players with multiple skill levels, in 7 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese.
  • Classic Games: Included 8 different strategy games, Chess, Checkers, Draughts, Reversi, Four-in-a-Row, Fox and Geese, Grasshopper, Halma, Nim, Northcote's game, handheld chess computer that makes up to 1450 ELO standards.
  • Exclusive features: Over 200 master games built into its generous memory, it boasts a 56% larger high-quality touch screen and a bright yet power-efficient backlight for true useability—no wrestling with clumsy and slow cursor controls or squinting at dim and tiny displays.
  • Mini Chess: Modern Touch 8 Chess & Games will be a pleasant revelation to you. Don't be surprised if you find yourself compelled to take it everywhere! The best portable chess game one of the all-time great chess pocket gadgets
  • Chess Board: LCD Chess display, Teach Mode, Level Settings for Chess, Analysis Can be set for between 1 and 15 minutes. Perfect Class E Level Electronic Travel Chess Computer! Top 1 Chess Games Handheld Computer.

Designed Mini Touch Chess for Children from 7+ Up to Adults

Chess Program Features: 

  • 30 main levels (6 Timed Move, 4 Timed Game, 15 Analysis, 5 Fun). 5 "mini-chess" modes to help beginners learn how to play in stages
  • Observes all rules including castling/en passant / pawn promotion. Help function can indicate legal moves in a position for beginners
  • Optional teaching features can warn of mistakes and provide advice. The computer can be made to play against itself if desired
  • 220 built-in classic games played by human and computer champions. Large built-in openings library of approximately 7000 half moves
  • Computer evaluation of a position can be displayed on request. Computer thinking can be interrupted to make the best move found
  • Recognizes draws by 3-fold repetition / 50-move rule / stalemate. Solves mate-in-2 and mate-in-3 problems
  • 10 built-in mate-in-2 problems for practice. Take back or replay up to 8 moves for each side
  • Change sides and/or reverse board at any time. Referee mode allows playing both sides or playing against a friend
  • Positions can be set up for computers to analyze